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Abhinandan Bains - Reiki Treatments

abhinandan-reiki-2.jpgReiki Treatmentsrsz-1abhi-reiki-2.jpg

5:00pm - 8:30pm

Born to a family from India, Abhinandan whose name means 'To Welcome'  was raised under Sikhism a mystical faith practised in the state of Punjab in Northern India. Grown up learning about Hinduism, she also enjoys sharing her love and enthusiasm playing between myth and lore from the ancient text of the Vedas and Bhagwad Gita.
She has studied Nuclear Medicine Technology and also Sound Engineering. She believes Music plays an important role in healing the Soul, Mind and as well as the Heart as we are all connected as a single consciousness and affect each other on etheric and physical levels.
Having studied Usui Reiki ( Traditional Japanese form ) under Master Jyogan Sensei she received her Level III attunements into this healing light. 
Usui Reiki was developed in Japan by a Buddhist monk Mikao Usui and from there it spread to the west being adapted by various cultures. Using the Universal Lifeforce, Reiki is used for the healing of the Mental, Physical and Emotional bodies.
All are welcome to receive the loving and gentle healing touch of Reiki.