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Ayurvedic Doctor NYC and other Ayurvedic Practitioners


Ayurveda is an Indian tradition of holistic treatment which addresses not just the illness in a person but the entire person’s body, mind, and soul. In practice, Ayurveda includes a recommended diet, meditation, massage, yoga, and herbal medicine. It is considered as an alternative and complementary medicine to western mainstream medicine. For some they would take Ayurveda on its own without the prescription pharmaceutical medicine, but some with take it side-by-side with it.

Now to find a reputable Ayurvedic doctor or practitioners in NYC, you must take a look at the clinic or institution and how long they have been operating. It is a good start that a long-standing clinic means they have proven successful treatments over the years and a good reputation among their patients. Now, the year is not enough, take a look at the rating and comments from their previous patients. This will give you an insight as to how they perform. Try to Google these Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners below and look for the year of operation and the ratings and comments.

1. Donnalynn Civello

Ø http://www.elementhealing.com/donnalynn-civello/

2. Nammi Lee

Ø http://www.elementhealing.com/nammi-lee/

3. Dr. Mohsin Kahn

Ø http://www.sandeepayurvedic.com/

4. Dr. Karuna Sabnani

Ø http://www.karunanaturopathic.com/

5. Dr. Reetu Rudra

Ø http://www.rudraayurveda.com/

6. Vaidya Vasudha

Ø http://www.americanayurveda.us/zcstore/index.php?main_page=page&id=7&zenid=vqdqq9c0jf4vvokvf7s8rs7cp0

7. Erin Polychronopoulos

Ø http://www.thrivebodymind.com/#!about/c12wr

8. Dr. Aparna Bapat, Namrata Shah, Yura Astakhov, Deborah Desmond, Jyothi Bhatt, and Mariko Hirakawa

Ø http://www.theayurvedacenterny.com/#!about-us/c1l79

9. Ask the name of the therapists and Doctor

Ø http://www.santhigramwellness.com/about.html

10. Manjula Paul

Ø http://www.soundshoreayurveda.com/about/

11. Dr. Gopinathan Nair and team

Ø http://santhigramusa.com/about-us/people-behind-santhigram/

To learn more about Ayurveda before looking for a doctor, you could grab a copy of books about Ayurveda in our bookstore at 2W 14th St. New York, NY.