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Blue June - Reader of Crystals, Tarot Cards &Tea Leafs


Reader of Crystals, Tarot Cards & Tea Leafs

Blue June is a highly intuitive reader of Crystals, Tea Leaves and Tarot who conveys genuine compassion to her clients while still maintaining a no-nonsense style of council. She first began studies with Courtney Weber, author of "Tarot For One: The Art of Reading For Yourself" and shortly after began crystal casting to use gem stones in tandem to link readings to seasons, chakras and the planets.  In the past 5 years Blue has also mastered the ancient art of Tea Leaf Reading. She teaches two tarot courses, yet she herself also remains a devoted student to her craft. Blue is the owner of Magick Talismans Tarot and wellness focused brand The Broom Closet. A reading with Blue offers solid insights as to what is coming ahead and will help resolve any obstacles in your path. Matters of the heart, career, or your spiritual wellness.  No subject is off limits. 

15 Minutes (tarot) - $35
30 Minutes (tarot and crystal casting) - $70
1 Hour (tarot, crystal casting and tea leaves) - $130