Connecting To Our Bliss: 6 Steps to Lasting Joy and Peace Facilitated by Dr. Andrew Vidich

Friday May 19th

Free Event

Within us are treasures of divinity far beyond our wildest imagination. Universes of light, love and bliss and God too is within us. Through a simple yet profound method of meditation each of us can connect to this infinite storehouse of Bliss. Having connected to this spiritual treasury we begin to experience the true and lasting joy of our essential nature. Please join Andrew Vidich, Ph.D for this lively interactive workshop based on Sant Rajinder Singh’s recent bookSpark of the Divine.


“Hidden within each is a spark of the Divine. We search for it in the far reaches of the most distant quasars and within the smallest quarks in the atom. Yet, its mysteries lay waiting to be uncovered within us”. Sant Rajinder Singh