Free Introductory Workshop to Angelic Quantum Healing

Friday, February 16th
6:30pm - 8:30pm

For many years, those interested in human consciousness talked about “an emerging paradigm”, a
unifying vision of the highest scientific theories and spiritual beliefs called the holographic paradigm.
As we firmly believed in this paradigm, a new holistic method was channeled, developed and
experimented: the Angelic Quantum Healing (A.Q.H).
A.Q.H is a new and revolutionary method based on the notions of quantum physics and the holistic
vision, for people aiming at stepping back into their authentic power.
This method rapidly facilitates our energetic balance, personal growth and collective evolution.
During this conference, there will be a briefing and a practical demonstration on how this method works.
As a gift, we will teach you a very fast and powerful method to energetically clean yourself, balance your
emotions and step back into your power.
At the end of the conference we will channel a meditation to feel deeply in peace with yourself and fully
regenerated on all energetic levels.

Being or feeling separated is an illusion,
we live in a magnificently detailed holographic multiverse,
everything is connected where space and time collapses,
transforming the historical vision of the world in an alternative virtual reality,
among infinite parallel realities.

The evening will be conducted by:
Gian Carlo Zazzeri & Bollea Manuela
Psychics, Mediums, Channelers, Contactists,
Quantum healers, Holistic Councelors and Teachers.

For reservations:
Namaste Bookstore p. 212 645 1014