Galactic Healing Circle: Entering the Cosmic Gateway


Since the beginning of our existence as streams of consciousness, we have been given the gift of Divine connection. Within each of us is a spark of Divinity which may be accessed at any time through purity of heart, intention and spirit. Join Saiedah Luna as she takes you through the cosmic gateway to gain a stronger connection to the Source of all Creation. Accompanied by your spiritual guides, this healing circle will help you tune into the vibration of Divine Will and Grace. We will start with an introductory information segment followed by exercises and meditations which will help you to raise your vibration, connect to your higher level guides and move into alignment with your higher self for further Divine connection. This will serve as a great introduction to the more finely focused healing circles which will follow in the near future.

Friday, August 31st 7:00pm - 9:00pm $30


Serving as a gateway between the worlds, Saiedah connects with the higher realms to convey messages of truth and light for those she assists. She interacts with angels, ascended beings, ancestral energies and cosmic beings of love and light to create a transcendental experience unlike any other. Combined with spiritual messages of love and support, Saiedah's sessions serve as a catalyst for transformation.