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Intuitive Tarot & Oracle (Energy Healing, Chakra, Spirit, Aura)

 farrah350.jpgPlease call us for information or check our calendar here.

Farrah is an intuitive empath practiced in various spiritual disciplines such as kundalini meditation, yoga, Tarot & Oracle reading, crystal, and energy healing. With an understanding of esoteric knowledge and energy work, she believes proper use of divination tools can tap dormant provisions within us which may further the path of inner awakening. She can recognize the primary influences within your current life and what is coming up on your journey by uncovering aspects of your psyche, emotional body, and your overall vibrational field. You can seek personalized and intuitive guidance to relate to your multidimensional journey. She uses the law of attraction and her ability to channel innate wisdom to guide you. Her style is conversational, calming, straightforward, and nourishing. She works to help you find attunement with your desires and to support you being in integrity with your soul's path.

Monday      3pm - 8pm
Thursday   6pm - 9pm
Sunday    11am - 8pm

15 minute readings are $ 35
30 minute readings are $ 70
45 minute readings are $100
60 minute readings are $130

Call  212 645 0141 to schedule an appointment.