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Intuitive Tarot Reading with Blue June


Got your first deck and aren't sure how to interpret the cards? Heard about Tarot and curious how intuitive reading works? Join us for an all-level-friendly, 3-in-1 study on how to intuitively read Tarot cards with professional reader and teacher, Blue June! This 2 part course will show you how to get to build your intuitive relationships to the card and open your third eye.

Next Event: Friday, October 5th 2018
Cost: $30


We begin with the 22 Major Arcana cards working out how to trust your third eye response with plenty of hands on practice reading in single card and crossing spreads. Moving on to the Minor Arcana we will have practice sessions on complex spreads and we will learn how to read reversals. This 3 hour class is based off a 3 part/9hour study program. We will be covering a great deal of material in a short amount of time so please do not be late!

No deck? No problem! Study is based off The Smith-Waite deck.


Blue is a Tarot Reader at Namaste and resident teacher of Tarot and Candle Magick. She is the owner of both Magick Talismans Tarot and The Broom Closet, and is the creator/curator of the celebrated Full Moon Market of curiosities and magick. 

Blue's classes and businesses have been written about in Bushwick Daily, Mashable, Broadly, Vice, Nylon Magazine, and The New Yorker.