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Madalyn Aslan


Madalyn Aslan

Palm & Tarot Readings 


Madalyn grew up in London, and is a fourth-generational psychic and palmist. From love to health, career, romance, family, spirits, home, money, travel, Madalyn works with all forms of life. Your reading will be empowering, soothing, including names and dates. Most essentially Madalyn heals you.

Reading hands is her forte. The lines on your hands change every three weeks! And she finds the details fascinating. This is where she is the most psychic, where she receives visions, and where she hears names of people, where she sees past lives, and, where, when appropriate, she communicates with loved ones who have passed on. she also reads from your birthday and tarot spread. she uses everything because, with three planets in Virgo, she is extremely conscientious and thorough. Madalyn's first TV reading was for Rock Hudson when she was 14 in “The Martian Chronicles”. Since then, she has read live on The Today Show, Oprah, CNN and PBS.