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Michelle Taormina - Aura, Body, and Spirit Readings


Michelle Taormina
Aura, Body, and Spirit Readings

Thursday             6:00 - 9:30pm

Michelle is a clear and direct channel to divine energies. By combining a blend of spiritual modalities she creates a custom experience for each individual client. Her offering includes psychic Tarot, auric field, spirit body readings, Energy healing, and bespoken messages from ancestors, spirit guides, and guardian angels in order to facilitate a session that is in the highest and best of her client. She also specializes in spiritual trauma and conquering fears related to using your own spiritual/worldly abilities—aligning you with the truth of who you are and what your soul’s purpose is in this lifetime. Brooklyn born and raised, Michelle delivers divine messages in a bright, witty, and straightforward manner. Kindly bring a pen and journal to your session to write down spiritual homework.