Omega Lounge Hosted by Jane Dowd Oosterom - Astro-Numerology 101 Led by Victoria Atkins

Sunday, November 18th
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Predict 2019 for yourself using Astro-Numerology. Answering questions: Will I change careers? Will I find love? Will I discover my purpose?

Understanding the combinations of the numbers, the celestial bodies, and the zodiacs will help you unravel your potentials, psychology, vocations, and relationships which will allow you to foresee what's to come in the years ahead.

Astro-Numerology is designed to help you understand you attract certain people, circumstances and situations into your life. This course will help you to recognize your own unique cycles and give you the tools to design and to transform your life.

This course includes: 
- Understanding your zodiac, personal years, life path & harmonic numbers
- Creating personalized calendars for 2019

Call 212-645-0141 to register or book online.