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Omega Lounge Spiritual Exchange NYC Led by Jane Dowd Oosterom; Special Guest: Sam Daniels, Dainichi Lazuli & Arden Orellana

Tuesday August 29th
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Host: Jane Dowd Oosterom

Jane Dowd Oosterom

Do you have questions about certain abilities in your life?
Come and get answers from committed Spiritual practitioners and learn from their many experiences.
Speical Guests:

samdaniels.jpg dainichi-teaching1.png arden-orellana.png
Sam Daniels
Psychic Medium
Dainichi Lazuli
Crystal Healing, Tarot & Spirit Communication
Arden Orellana
Shamanism, Buddhism, Neopaganism & the Occult

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A place to share insights and questions.
Guided Meditation by Jane Dowd Oosterom