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Linda Cohen -Flower Essences

lindacohen.jpg                   Flower Essence

   With more than twenty years as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, through health guru Gary Null, Linda Cohen specializes in healing with flower essences, Nature’s vitamins for the emotions. Having discovered the Bach and FES (Flower Essence Society) flower essences in the 1980s, Linda has relied on flower essence therapy both to keep her (1) healthy and (2) aligned with her life purpose.

   Linda became certified in the Bach essences in 2001. She received her sought-after advanced training and certification from The Flower Essence Society (FES) in 2002, after in-depth study and casework. Each flower essence, made from the blossoms of fresh flowers at the height of bloom, holds a specific healing code or virtue such as courage, faith, inspired artistry, self-containment and many many other positive qualities.

   Flower essences assist in the release of stagnant/toxic emotions and negative behavior patterns to imbue one with positive healing energy from the heart of Mother Nature. Flower essence therapy is one of the fastest-growing holistic healing modalities globally, focusing on healing from the inside out.

15-minute readings are $30

30-minute readings are $60