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Sam Daniels - Psychic

samdaniels.jpg                         Psychic/Medium

   Psychic since birth, Sam uses clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), along with Reiki, remote viewing, chakra & energy balancing techniques and numerology to read your aura (energy field) and gain access to your higher self (connection to God) to explore your past in this life, and past lives, your present and your future. He can also use Angel Cards if the client prefers. Sam can connect with your deceased friends and loved onces, including animals. He can also assist with business solutions and developing a business of any kind.

   Sam has been practicing and teaching since 1995. His clients include everyone from major celebrites to law enforcement organizations and all walks of life in-between.

   After your session, Sam will provide you with a “findings report” regarding what is uncovered during your psychic reading.

15-minute readings are $30

30-minute readings are $60