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Intuitive Tarot Class with Blue June

jbclassapril500.jpgTHE DETAILS:
Part 1 - Beginner/Intermediate Level, introduction to developing your intuitive abilities. Group Workshop, followed by practice with a partner, focusing first on single card readings and building up the spread as we go. By the time we leave, we all are ready to start giving quick highly intuitive readings to any stranger on the street.

"Intuition is a muscle and anyone can develop this skill-set with the right kind of practice. Whether or not you are interested in learning more about tarot reading, the cards act as a spectacular tool in this 3 hour class with all the information and tips you need to develop your own intuitive practice. We focus less on the fundamental meanings of the cards and harness the intuitive expressions. You are sure to leave with a better understanding of the tarot but more importantly the tools you need to grow intuitively."

If you've been looking for a perfect resource to help you develop your intuitive muscle, you've come to the right place. What you walk away with from this class will resonate with you not only when you read Tarot Cards again, but in your daily life as well. Creativity, Intuition, and Expression are all muscles we must exercise and embrace. 

Admission is $30. We hope to see you there! 


BLUE JUNES WEBSITE: bluejunetarot.com
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://bit.ly/2CkEPTj