Symbology of the Tarot - 5 Part Series

symbology500-2.jpgTHE DETAILS:
June 7th (7-10PM) - History of Smith-Waite & the MajorArcana
July 5th (7-10PM) - Wands
August 2nd (7-10PM) - Cups
September 6th (7-10PM) - Swords
October 4th (7-10PM - Pentacles

This 5 part study series goes even deeper than this decks little booklet, taking a much deeper look into the glyphs, imagery and symbolism so that we may better understand each individual cards true significance. With a fundamental understanding why certain representations were used in the details of the Smith-Waite, we can address our clients with a new found structure knowing the meanings of each card. Beginning with the Major Arcana then working our way through the 4 suits these three hour sessions will look back on history, research, and discoveries from both Arthur Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith and further explain significant details. Classes can be taken together or separately and are open to a reader at any level!

"Intuition is a muscle and anyone can develop this skill-set with the right kind of practice. Whether or not you are interested in learning more about tarot reading, the cards act as a spectacular tool in this 3 hour class with all the information and tips you need to develop your own intuitive practice. We focus less on the fundamental meanings of the cards and harness the intuitive expressions. You are sure to leave with a better understanding of the tarot but more importantly the tools you need to grow intuitively."

If you've been looking for a perfect resource to help you develop your intuitive muscle, you've come to the right place. What you walk away with from this class will resonate with you not only when you read Tarot Cards again, but in your daily life as well. Creativity, Intuition, and Expression are all muscles we must exercise and embrace. 

Admission is $30. We hope to see you there! 

(Links for upcoming events will be posted soon. You can also book them by calling 212-645-0141)