The Catherine Marks Psychic Workshops




“THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS“ – The Psychic & Dimensional Realms

 CATHERINE MARKS is a Dimensional Metaphysics Educator, Conscious Channel and Psychic Coach residing in New York City. Her work in “The New Consciousness” focuses on New Realities,The New Human/New Earth, The Galactic, Planetary Ascension, Self-Healing, Communication Awareness, Alignment, Unfolding, evolvement and Transcendence. She holds many certifications.Over 35 years in the field, she has been guiding and training individuals and groups and giving Workshops in many various Modalities and on Powerful Subjects for Transformation,Communication, Awareness, Clarity, attunement, Heart-Based Living, Self-Healing & Empowerment, Enlightenment and Metaphysics Training. 

She is a Spiritual Teacher, Galactic, Mystic, Master Tarot Reader as well as a Psychic-Medium, empath and Reiki Master. She has trained with various Gurus, Shamans,Major Acting Greats and works with the Technologies of Consciousness. Highly world-traveled she has visited many sacred sites all across North America, Canada, Greece and the Greek Islands, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Mexico, The Bahamas, Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden, Brussels, Austria and more that impact her work. She is the Founder of Communication Awareness, LLC – “The New Consciousness”. 



In this Highly Informative Workshop, you will learn “How to Connect to Your Guides & Power Animals”. Everyone has Entity Helpers. You will learn who they are and can be. As in any relationship, learn how to connect and relate,receive, perceive and listen for information and the message. You will learn how to work with them and how they work with you in tandem, as you allow and receive a way of relating – giving this a clear place in your everyday life. The various kinds of Messaging will be discussed, what to look for and who to connect with; how to interpret. In this Workshop, you will take a “guided journey” to be in touch with your helpful Guide and Power Animal Totem. Through connection, learn to find and interpret the message and type to be received that comes through -- and how to “handle” the message. You will be like the channel-medium and interpreter of this. The techniques and skills you will acquire in this powerful Workshop make it “A Pre-Mediumship Workshop” as well, in its clarity.

Learn ways of preparation, communication, alignment and centering that are key to this practice, discipline and dedication. 
Sunday, February 23rd
2 West 14th St NYC
4:00 to 5:30 PM
Cost: $35



You protect your house, your family and loved ones, yourself. You will want to be Protecting Your Energy Fields – especially if you are practicing the Metaphysical Arts and Spiritual Sciences of Metaphysics, The Healing Arts and any Consciousness Dimensional Travels. In this “Clear-Your-Fields” Workshop, you will learn about energy balance, grounding, energy understanding, how to further become skilled in mastering “energy management” in its various forms. Become holistically aware--with what you perceive, produce, receive, pick up and travel through. Work with and learn techniques, skills, modalities and tips to take command. Learn about Mindsets, thoughts and thought processes, attention and focus that can help you balance with perception. Learn about cording/ de-cording, letting go of energy fields and protecting yourself from negativity.

Learn what is involved in further mastering this knowledge as you evolve. Help yourself grow with Wisdom Worlds of understanding. Note that Protecting Your Energy Fields can affect and promote Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment. Learn essential knowledge, energy management skills and techniques for all – and especially for those who are strongly energy sensitive! Once you further understand everything is energy and consciousness, you will benefit from making use of the exercises, techniques and tips in this Power-Loaded Workshop. 

Friday, March 6th
2 West 14th St NYC
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Fees: $35


Want more Evolved Awareness? Take the Journey in this Workshop by starting with making the Shift from the Ego to The Fifth Dimension and beyond. We will discuss Dimensional Living & Altered States of Consciousness as experience in its many useable forms. Learn about ways to practice more “Awareness”. Learn the process of Communication Awareness through Noticing. To begin experientially, we’ll explore a few easy sensitivity exercises for awareness showing you that your Awareness continues to ask and answer more questions as Consciousness Explores Itself. Learn about some “best practices” for concentrating and honing or fine-tuning your Awareness – and Sustaining Awareness in the Now. We’ll also focus briefly on Mindsets: “Closed and Open” and how this can affect your Journey to Awareness. Learn more about “looping a new thought”, entrainment, leaps and break-throughs, Also, Letting go through Awareness and Consciousness Expansion to an Altered State. Plus the true meaning of “Cracking the Cosmic Egg.” Becoming aware is a process and a practice, an evolvement. It can take Lifetimes to further Evolve and a Break-through or Leap of Awareness can happen in a split second changing everything. If you like Learning about Consciousness Explorations and Journeys, the Adventure of Expansion, Ascension, and want to Explore yourself and grow in more adventuresome Awareness, don’t miss this opportunity for the Exerience. This Workshop is for you! Q&A towards at end of the Workshop Presentation.
Sunday, March 15th
2 West 14th St NYC
4:30-6:00 PM
Fees: $35


2W 14ST, NEW YORK, NY, 10011
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