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Who Are You in Tarot? Led by Dainichi

An Introduction Into Numerology And The Color Of The Major Arcana Cards Class
with Dainichi Lazuli


This Class Will Enable Initiates Of The Tarot To Gain Better Depth In Order To Understanding The Complexity Of The Tarot And Numerology. We Will Discuss The Functions, The Hebrew Mysteries Of Qabala (Breifly) And The Purpose Of Each Card. This Class Will Cover Color Significance To The Tree Of Life And How To Meditate On Each Card To Bring About The Necessary Changes Through Visualization.

FRIDAY: SEPTEMBER 21st 2018 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Class Requirements: Pencil And A Notepad
Any Tarot Deck From The Rider-Smith-Waite School Of Thought. (Connolly, Waite, Palladini, Morgan Greer, Sacred Rose, Robin Wood, Tarot Of The Spirit, Golden Dawn Tarot, Tarot Of Herbs And Radiant Waite.) Only The 22 Major Are Required For This Class. Everything Else Will Be Provided. 
Video And Photography Is Encouraged!
Interfaith Minister Dainichi Lazuli Has 
Been Studying Tarot And Other Magical Systems For Over Ten Years. He Has Been Featured On Mouth Media Network, Harper's Bazaar And The Psychic Hotline.